The shitty attitude of these people

I was in two minds about this article like it, should I write it or not? With a wife suffering from cancer for the last 19 years, we have found that humor helps suppress the horrors of the moment. Yet so many are astounded that we take it with a pinch of salt. I’ve experienced many downs in my life, yet a smile is so much easier than a frown!.

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Canada Goose online The main reason I always chime in to these threads urging the wannabe pilots to reconsider is so I no longer have to put up with whiny drama queen captains or idiotic crew lounge conversations of people who do nothing but bitch about how shitty their life is canada goose jassen, woe is them, the company screwed them over my wife left me cuz I broke blah blah blah. I fucking fed up with it. Seems like 9 out of 10 pilots would have been better off not being in this freaking job. This is honestly the only thing I legitimately hate about my job. The shitty attitude of these people. They jump into it not knowing wtf they getting into.. Canada Goose online

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