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I expect they fall asleep easily too but couldn’t say for sure.Up early, the kids have breakfast of toast and cereal then learn about elephant teeth, ostrich eggs and peacock feathers before the last walk around the zoo.At all times, the safari guides and volunteers show a great deal of care towards the children, answering every one of their many questions. The kids in turn never act up and seem to thrive in this safe rite of passage night away from their families.Goin’ to the zoo, zoo, zooThere are three options for the night safari groups (20 50 people), kids only, and public safari nights. Costs are $48 per person for the guided walk and barbecue or $62 per child including the sleepover.Next dates: Barbecue and walk for adults and kids, Tuesday July 10 (minimum age 5 years); kids’ only sleepover, Wednesday July 11 (minimum age 8 years).Our Regional News StoriesThe Northern AdvocateWeakened Mangapai go down fightingMangapai fell to Parihaka as they were unable to overcome a lack of players.Hawke’s Bay TodayNew life given to French classics Acclaimed British pianist Kathryn Stott has returned to New ZealandBay of Plenty TimesEditorial: Tiny homes a very Kiwi solution to housing crisis Coming up with innovative solutions to problems is very Kiwi.Our Features Top StoriesDrivenToyota, Nissan, Honda, behind hydrogen fuel cell push in Japan The collaboration on fuel cells brings together 11 companies..

Cassie Sainsbury was a ‘prostitute in Sydney and lied. Brian May reveals how Freddie Mercury’s AIDS battle cost. Oxford student dubbed too clever to be jailed for. On the other hand, do not buy loose fitting swimwear that slips or sags at the bottom. Most parents end up buying a larger size for their growing baby. However, these loose clothes tend to slip off and expose the skin..

Balls: Can be used for a variety of different usages: Kicking and catching. Depending on the size swimsuits, weight, mass. You wouldn’t want to kick a soft/hard baseball, or use a Soccer ball like a baseball that would make the game very difficult, unless you were playing Kick Ball which is like softball, but you “kick” the ball instead, and someone else try’s to get you out..

Have you lifted weights today? Odds are, the answer is no. A new report on Americans’ health vices says failure to do strength training exercises is far more common than the more obvious bad behaviors of smoking, heavy drinking, being a couch potato and staying up way too late. Data drawn from 76,669 interviews taken as part of the 2008 10 National Health Information Survey show that 73.5% of Americans nearly 3 out of every 4 did not lift a single dumbbell, do a single push up or take a single pilates class during their time away from work..

Yes, your clothes could send you to jail. It may sound like Law Order: The Jetsons, but there’s no real reason this kind of data can’t be admissible in court. In fact, it’s already happening. If you’re lucky, you got to see Let’s Go Crazy performed live.With more than 100 million records sold around the globe, Prince’s music has occupied the world’s pop music soundtrack for more than three decades and, when you take a closer look and listen, it’s easy to see why.Prince, legendary Purple Rain singer, dead at 57Prince’s memorable live performancesNothing compares 2 Prince: His top tracksSome of history’s most acclaimed artists are melting pots, able to absorb the essence of earlier influences and channel it into fresh, innovative creations. By soaking up the music of James Brown, Jimi Hendrix, Sly Stone, the Beatles and even contemporaries such as Michael Jackson, Prince carved a new path with his distinct sound.Few artists can claim to have encompassed infectious funk, blistering rock, soulful R and dazzling, melodic pop over the span of an entire career. Prince did that just on the 1987 masterwork Sign O’ The Times alone.

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